Madelin Tomelty

During his UK visit, The Journal’s David Mannah travelled to the Cambridge countryside to sit down with the brains behind the world’s leading hair technology, Dr. Tim Moore of ghd

Hair and physics…not two words you often see together, unless that is, you’re in Cambridge, England. They call it the Silicone Valley of the UK – a hub of science and technology and suitably home to ghd’s headquarters and laboratories. Here, businesses are interested in chemistry and physics and basically making the world a smarter place, and with some of the country’s most prestigious universities at their doorstep, there is no shortage of brainy, hungry graduates ready to sink their teeth into the next big thing. In ghd’s case, that thing is the safe and successful thermal manipulation of hair, something that ghd is arguably the best at in the world.

Why? Ghd’s success is simple, really. “I think it comes down to performance – our tools work,” says the man behind all product development, Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Tim Moore. “Through our research and development facility in Cambridge, we use our deep understanding of the physics of hair to create products that give the best performance while still looking after your hair.”

The hot tool brand takes the cake for essentially revolutionising at-home styling since its inception in 2001, and most recently has added hot wands to its portfolio with the release of a new range of styling wands, Curve; an apt name given ghd is always one step ahead.

Recently, The Journal had the honour of being the first ever media invited to ghd’s headquarters. Meeting with Dr. Moore and Journal darling, Jayne Wild, we discussed the brand, their focus, and of course, the technology behind it. Ghd’s mission in the laboratory is clear from the get-go: to create leading hot tools through constant research and innovation

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