Madelin Tomelty

The 20th anniversary of the Australian fashion event of the year took place this April 12th to 16th with over 70 shows, hundreds of garments and countless photo opportunities. With a glimpse at the spring/summer 2016 offering, there is plenty to look forward to if fashion is your thing, and for hairdressers, that’s pretty much all of us.

The Journal was front row and centre this year to capture every fashion win and “aha” hair moment, and there were plenty of ongoing hair fashion themes that just couldn’t be ignored. Texture, and lots of it, had a strong presence again this season, while the slick, “wet look” and slept-in, effortless pony popped up time and time again.

The fashion often gravitated towards neutral and washed-out palettes, while every fashion era from the 60s to the 90s appeared throughout the four days. The most obvious look, though, is something we’ve named “the new feminine”: minimal, simplistic, elegant and often looser silhouettes dominated dozens of runways, as did longer hemlines and a focus on fabric and form. Once again, local designers showed what they’re made of and demonstrated why so many Australian labels are being noticed on an international stage. Our Aussie darlings are here to stay, and with one look at the images on these pages, it’s easy to see why.

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