Madelin Tomelty

“We always say De Lorenzo is ‘inspired by nature’,” co-Director Chris De Lorenzo says. “That comes from something our father always said, which is, ‘nature is far cleverer than man will ever be.’”

A lot of people still don’t know that De Lorenzo is proudly Australian. It’s written on their bottles, it’s on their advertising, and on Australia Day this year they released an image of a model wrapped in an Aussie flag with the tagline, ‘Australian Made’ just to drive the point home. So allow me to clear up any confusion. De Lorenzo is 100%, Aussie-run, owned, developed, tested, manufactured and distributed from their site in Sydney’s Silverwater. Every step of the brand’s production process takes place in their own factory on our sandy, Australian soil and the company supports our local economy by providing 100 jobs on-site. This is an absolute rarity for an industry in which the majority of brands manufacture off-shore.

So how do I know this? Because I did a tour of said factory. I visited their laboratory, wore the neon yellow vest and craned my neck to take in the epic scale of the De Lorenzo warehouse. I learnt every detail about this inspiring family-run business, and as I did it became extremely apparent that at De Lorenzo, everything is made from scratch, and everything is made from the heart.

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