Madelin Tomelty

Casa Cook Kos | Photo by Georg Roske

If ever there was a hotel made for the 21st century bohemian, it would be Casa Cook Kos. The second hotel in the Casa Cook hotel series following the launch of Casa Cook Rhodes in 2016, the Kos iteration has designers Annabell Kutucu and Michael Schickinger’s style stamp all over it, and this is always a sign of good things to come.

It’s important to note Casa Cook Kos isn’t just Casa Cook Rhodes 2.0. While the latest boutique hotel has what we can only assume will become the Casa Cook signature style, this is a hotel beautiful and appealing in its own right – a destination with a distinct personality, as unique as its island locale.

Modelled on traditional Greek island architecture, the one and two-storey houses of the hotel are cubist, contemporary and minimalist, a style mirrored in the interior’s clean-lined furniture. And yet this new Greek retreat has slightly more of a lived-in, gypsy feel than its sister property on the large island of Rhodes, with textural, Moroccan overtones inside creating a comforting, calming environment. Its use of rough, natural materials and earthy hues adds to the sense of relaxation, while its nod to midcentury design keeps the property well within the realm of contemporary, on-trend style and ensures the property doesn’t stray into ultra-boho at the cost of five-star luxury.

Its luxe rustic design and laid-back ambience is perfectly fitting for its location on the small Dodecanese island of Kos in the southeastern Aegean Sea – an island known for its array of sandy beaches and Greek and Roman landmarks.

At Casa Cook Kos it’s choose-your-adventure vacationing, where the perfectly designed exterior and interior encourages both curiosity and relaxation.

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