Madelin Tomelty

There are a handful of interior designers in this world that seem to be immune from ever putting a foot wrong, and one of them is Annabell Kutucu.

She is the mastermind behind some of our favourite residential and commercial projects, such as this minimalist apartment for the stylish nomad and the earthy but luxe boutique hotel, Casa Cook. She’s made magic with spaces all over the world from Germany to Mexico, but her latest project, Scorpios Mykonos, puts the Greek island of Mykonos front and centre, turning the party town stereotype on its head.

In Scorpios Mykonos you won’t find a club or a raging beach bar. Instead, you’ll find at its most simple a gathering place, and at its most complex a chameleon of a space built for the modern soul-seeker. In Ancient Greece a place like this was called an agora, and Scorpios Mykonos is, in essence, its modern-day iteration. Just as thousands of years ago the agoras were public spaces for people to meet, and served as the geographical centre of artistic and spiritual life, Scorpios Mykonos was built to bring together the creative and social life of the community.

The multi-faceted space, which comes to life on the sun-soaked southern tip of Mykonos, has an open-air house, a ‘bazaar’, a Mediterranean restaurant, and multiple open-air terraces, just to start. And then there’s the beach. Scorpios Beach is one of the island’s most exclusive sandy havens, and you’ll find plenty of wooden cabanas and sunbeds scattered here for relaxing with a book, cocktail, or simply your own blissed-out self.

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