Madelin Tomelty

This coming winter, bypass the crowds of the Italian coastline and head instead for a new type of European summer – witnessing the beauty of Switzerland’s most picturesque boutique towns and landscapes from the comfort of the country’s – and maybe the world’s – most spectacular rail journey, the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland.

Switzerland. It has majestic mountains, CGI-perfect green scenery and cities so pristine you’d be forgiven for thinking they were mere decades in age rather than centuries. The country has long been a favourite spot for powder-seeking ski bunnies, but in the summer months of June to August, is often overlooked in favour of its more showy neighbours – Italy and France – with their pull of the glamorous Riviera.

And yet those that opt for an escape in Switzerland are rewarded with a sort of untouched natural beauty that is hard to beat during its sun-drenched summer months. You could choose to take all this dramatic beauty in by car, but we think there’s a better way to see Switzerland, and that’s by train, from the comfort of a First Class carriage on the famous Grand Train Tour of Switzerland.

Combining the eight most beautiful panoramic train routes into one momentous journey, the Grand Tour can be enjoyed in as few as four days or as many as eight, with stays in various boutique towns and cities along the way making sure you’re really experiencing all Switzerland has to offer.

With one single ticket, the Swiss Travel Pass, you can experience the best of Switzerland on multiple routes coveing 1,200 jaw-dropping kilometres. Begin your journey at any point on the tour going in any direction you choose, but we love the Zurich to Lugano route, which takes a leisurely eight days, with opportunities for extra excursions along the way to stretch your trip out even further.

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