Madelin Tomelty

When it comes to innovative and interesting professional hair care there are only three little letters you need to know. e-v-o. With product names such as ‘box o’ bollox’, ‘gangsta grip’ and ‘salty dog’, evo products are so attention-grabbing, so instantly memorable and so well known within the hair industry that it’s a shock to discover that the brand has only been around for a mere ten years.

As a part of the Haircare Australia family, evo was born after the team’s countless trips scouring the globe to find the right type of products proved fruitless. Says company Founder and Marketing Director Garth Gauvin, “We couldn’t find an exclusive, artistic, salon-only product range that ticked all the boxes for our high-end salon clients…so we decided to create one.” Enter a couple of young and creative designers still hitting the books at university but keen to get into the marketplace, and the rest is history.

The vision for evo is obscenely original (my words) and “uniquely Australian” (Garth’s words). In a market where salon-only products are often associated with predictably elaborate branding, evo, by contrast, casually saunters into the field with its minimalist, no-frills packaging and hilarious product taglines. So if you don’t know anything about evo, don’t worry because the product itself will tell you in the first person- in the same language that you and your friend might use. You see, that’s the thing about evo- it is absolutely brimming with what feels like real personality, and Garth assures us it is. He reveals that the taglines on each of the products are a joint effort by the team at evo HQ and are designed to “evoke people’s interest and make them smile.” They seem to be doing a good job, because I can testify that was my immediate response the first time I picked up a bottle of evo water killer. Getting anyone to smile as they part with their money is a feat in itself, so clearly they are on to something.

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