Madelin Tomelty

After more than a decade of watching renovation shows like The Block and Renovation Rescue, it’s fair to say that not many of us can resist a good old-fashioned makeover.

Just like any house, every commercial space eventually needs a facelift, and nowhere is this truer than in the image-focused world of hair fashion. Australian distributor Ozdare, renowned for its youthful brand bank and always-fresh approach to training the next generation of stylists, have upped the ante with their latest feat: the relocation and transformation of their education headquarters in Melbourne. It’s out with the old and in with the new with this converted warehouse space in Collingwood that perfectly represents Ozdare brands Kevin Murphy, Eleven Australia and Ecoheads.

Brimming with natural light, the space has a cool industrial edge and yet feels modern, clean and undoubtedly warm thanks to touches of wood and scattered pops of colour. Above all, the space has heart and puts you in the mood for grabbing a seat, catching up, and while you’re at it, learning a thing or two. Boutique Melbourne design practice, Ridolfi Architecture, is the artist behind this canvas that has been designed for housing Ozdare’s evergrowing education and training programs, photo and video shoots, business presentations, media events, and product launches. And so naturally, this shiny new space was designed with multiple functions in mind, and features panels inspired by Japanese Shoji screen doors that open up or minimise interior space depending on the occasion.

“The spatial inspiration for the Academy came from ‘Ercolano’ in Italy, where big scale ancient ruins include an infinite number of different spaces,” Ridolfi elaborates. But to be perfectly clear, there is nothing archaic about the new Ozdare Academy.

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