Madelin Tomelty

As if regional Victoria’s growing list of designer-perfect hotels, sculpture gardens and superior wine weren’t enough, the full force that is the studio of Hecker Guthrie has gone ahead and completed Lindenderry and Michelton, two new hotel projects in the vines that will be sure to lure even the keenest urbanite to the state’s grape-laced frontier.

As any commercial interior designer will tell you, when it comes to hotels, boutique is the new black, and Hecker Guthrie’s two latest hotel designs are so boutique and so beautiful, they would be just at home, in a home, as they are in their current commercial iterations.

Ideally placed in the upmarket suburb of Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula, Lindenderry Hotel has undergone a makeover that has taken the established, country-style hotel to into a whole new realm of sophistication. Hecker Guthrie has managed to create  a country escape that retains the undeniably warm and inviting feel of the original hotel, while transporting it firmly into 2018 through a fresh and airy interior balanced by traditional accents. Its 40 rooms, surrounded by 34 acres of lush gardens and vines, are a welcome respite for weekenders travelling from the concrete jungles of the east coast who crave romance, coziness and nature in equal amounts. With Hecker Guthrie’s Scandinavian yet classic design, there is a sense of simplicity in the air, and this, of course, is not only important to the hotel’s overall design, but pivotal in creating that ever-crucial calming effect that the best country hotels are known for.

And then there’s Michelton Hotel in Nagambie in the Goulburn Valley, an already established and long-respected architectural icon that required an update. Hecker Guthrie’s signature neural palette continues at this upmarket hideaway, but this time with a slightly hardier, almost industrial edge thanks to the use of deep green, brown and slate hues.

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