Madelin Tomelty

It’s not called Switzerland’s trend-setting city for nothing…

As Switzerland’s largest city and a major global banking and finance hub, Zurich is often mistaken as the capital of Switzerland. But while Zurich may not take out the top title (that would be the country’s fifth largest city, Bern), this vibrant and dynamic city is considered the commercial, cultural and political capital of Switzerland, and for good reason.

With its location right in the heart of Switzerland, Zurich is a modern, cosmopolitan hub that is regularly ranked as one of the world’s top cities for quality of life. A city of just 400,000, its boutique size grants its locals and visitors all the convenience of city life with the kind of charm and natural beauty usually reserved for Europe’s smaller, countryside towns.

It’s also considered Switzerland’s trend-setting city thanks to its highly innovative arts and creative scene. Quintessentially avant-garde, Zurich was not only the birth place of Dada, widely thought of as the most iconoclastic movement of all time, but also the place where the Freitag bag and world-renowned Helvetica typeface originated.

Creativity is the blood that runs through Zurich’s veins, and it’s no coincidence that Zurich is home to one of the biggest universities in Europe devoted to creative expression – the Zurich University of the Arts.

But what exactly makes Zurich so cool? While all 12 of Zurich’s neatly divided districts (this is Switzerland, after all) are worth seeing, there are a few areas in particular that are must-sees for fans of art, design and architecture, and one of those miss-it-and-you’ll-regret-it neighbourhoods is the ever surprising Zurich West…

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